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Eye Examination

Full eye examination consists of following: 1) Refraction & Visual Acuity: Enables us to obtain the proper prescription for your eyes. 2) Health Check: Complete examination of all parts of the eye. Specialized machinery is used to access the health of your eyes. Dilating drops are sometimes used to examine the internal components of the eye. 3) Tonometry: A diagnostic test that measures the fluid pressure (intraocular pressure) inside your eyes. This measurement helps us determine whether or not you may be at risk of glaucoma, a serious eye disease in which the intraocular pressure is increased. Annual eye exams for seniors (64+), children (18 or under), and diabetics are covered by MSP. For adults not covered by MSP, we direct bill most of the major insurance companies! It is very important to have regular eye exams regardless of your age or physical health so book now.

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