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Biofinity Toric Multifocal- 6 MONTH SUPPLY
$ 220

Optimized Toric Lens Geometry provides excellent stability, predictable orientation, and consistent vision performance. Biofinity toric multifocal incorporates the same Balanced Progressive Technology as Biofinity multifocal, for remarkable vision performance. Balanced Progressive Technology provides multiple zones of vision correction, to allow for clear vision near, far, and in-between.

Biofinity® multifocal - 6 MONTH SUPPLY
$ 106

Biofinity® multifocal is a premium lens with a simplified approach to fitting. This lens is a combination of key elements from our Balanced Progressive™ Technology and the Biofinity silicone hydrogel lens material. Our new streamlined fitting approach and unique technology means you can fit even more patients with ease and flexibility, and deliver excellent vision at any distance. With Biofinity multifocal, fitting presbyopic patients just got easier.

Biofinity® - 6 MONTH SUPPLY
$ 63

Biofinity® is different from other high oxygen lenses because it features Aquaform® Technology that uses longer siloxane chains, so less silicone is required to achieve a high level of oxygen transmissibility. Longer siloxane molecules attract and bond to surrounding water molecules, continuously wetting and lubricating the lens material. The result is a lens with very high oxygen transmission AND a high water content that minimizes deposits.

Biofinity® toric- 6 MONTH SUPPLY
$ 86

Biofinity toric lenses are suitable for patients with astigmatism and who are looking for excellent health and comfort from a lens. In addition to being ideal for new wearers, it is also an ideal upgrade for existing wearers who want better lens performance. The natural wettability of our Aquaform® Technology uses longer siloxane chains, so less silicone is required to achieve a high level of oxygen transmissibility and allows for continuous wetting and lubrication of the lens material.

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